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Gold IRA Investing – Your Insurance for the future

If you are a Baby Boomer approaching retirement, you might be feeling increasingly uneasy at the signs of increasing economic turmoil, which seem to grow more alarming every day. You may be looking at your portfolio of savings and realizing with horror, not only because it may not be enough for your retirement, but because its value is actually falling. This is why you urgently need to look at gold IRA investing.

Economic Collapse
One reason you might worry is that the economic collapse of 2008 is still fresh in your memory, as it is in everyone’s, and there are large numbers of US citizens who have still not recovered from the devastating effect this crisis had on their personal finances. You could be among them. The question in your mind will be: Could this happen again, and if it did, how far would I be protected?

There are actually several reasons to believe that a repeat of this crisis is perfectly possible. For a start, little has been done to reform the weaknesses in the regulatory system that allowed the crisis to happen in the first place, and, in fact, many of those who profited illegally from issuing risky securities are still walking free. Furthermore, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae remain in government hands, even though the government takeover was supposed to be a temporary measure — this means that home loans are still removed from the disciplines of the financial markets, thus increasing the possibility of another major collapse.

Inflation — the Enemy
Your other big worry, of course, is inflation, which really is the great enemy for retirees. The US dollar has lost over 90% of its purchasing power since the Fed was first established 100 years ago, and much of its recent fall has been due to the Fed’s successive programs of Quantitative Easing in the wake of the financial crisis. The dollar hit a new low in 2013 as a result of the two-week government shutdown, and the current political situation means that there is no guarantee that a similar stalemate will not happen again.

Good News
This all seems like a run of bad news. However, the good news is there is an alternative for your retirement, and that is a physical gold IRA. Gold is the one asset that can be relied on to hold its value, retain its purchasing power, and provide growth and security in retirement.

There are several reasons a physical gold IRA makes sense. Primarily, gold is a tangible asset, unlike stocks, bonds, and dollars, which are simply paper assets and have no guaranteed value at all. Gold represents actual wealth held by yourself.

What’s more, because gold is bought and sold in US dollars on the international markets, every fall in the dollar’s value means a rise in the price of gold — so, with gold IRA investing, the dollar’s decline actually becomes an advantage. Unlike the dollar, gold maintains its value — the purchasing power of an ounce of gold is virtually the same as it was 100 years ago. And despite fluctuations in the price of gold, demand is not likely to decrease, meaning that the trend will always be upwards.

Move to Gold
So how do you get gold into your retirement portfolio? If you already have a traditional IRA, the easiest way is through a gold IRA rollover. This simply means moving your funds from a traditional IRA, or a 401k, to a new self-directed IRA. Under gold IRA rules imposed by the IRS, only a self-directed IRA can hold physical gold, although gold IRA investing is possible in a traditional IRA.

The most crucial step in carrying out a gold IRA rollover is to ensure you choose the right custodian to look after your investment, as, under gold IRA rules, you cannot hold your gold yourself until distribution. The custodian needs to be a company that has substantial specialist expertise in gold IRA investing, and that also enjoys 100% customer trust and satisfaction. If you choose a company like Regal Assets with a flawless track record, you can be sure of peace of mind in retirement.

The financial landscape is certainly full of fear and uncertainty, but in the midst of this there is a rock of security, which is gold. A physical gold IRA can give you confidence, and put you in control of your financial future. This way you can contemplate your golden years with assurance, instead of fear.

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Are Gold And Silver Prices Being Manipulated In Today’s Market?

One Ounce of GoldIt may not be readily apparent if gold prices today are being manipulated, but some evidence does suggest that the average gold price per ounce is subject to various outside influences. These can come from both the governments and financial sectors of several nations. The current gold price in India may not be exactly the same as in other countries, such as the United States or the United Kingdom. To better understand how and why gold prices are being subjected to manipulation, it’s vital to examine various economic and political maneuvers in both the present and the relatively recent past.

China, Russia and India Are Buying Up Gold and Silver at High Rates

These three nations have been considered rivals of the U.S. for years, and they’ve been buying up noticeably high amounts of these two precious metals. China has accumulated more than 11.3 million ounces of gold during 2014, and consumer purchases of gold increased by as much as 49% in China during the same year. Russia has recently added over 20 million ounces of gold and silver to the country’s total reserves, making the Russian supply of precious metals more than 35 million ounces as of the end of 2014. A government official named Evgeny Fedorov has issued a statement that more gold equals more sovereignty for any country in the face of a global financial catastrophe. India’s demand for and purchases of yellow gold have surpassed both China’s and Russia’s. In the last quarter of 2014, India’s gold demand rose as much as 27%. The high stockpiles of precious metals have had an effect on the average gold price in India on any given day the markets are open.

Why the U.S. Delayed Returning Germany’s Gold and Silver After World War 2

To figure out some other reasons precious metals may be subject to price manipulation, information needs to be gathered from sources other than a standard gold price chart. History also has a rippling effect on gold prices today. After the Second World War, the U.S. government had accumulated large reserves of gold confiscated from Germany’s reserves, and the same gold has never been returned as part of U.S. efforts to secure the American dollar as the dominant worldwide currency. Efforts are currently under way to have 54,000 bars of gold repatriated to Germany’s Bundesbank, although the process is expected to take until 2020. As the numbers keep showing a weakening U.S. dollar, other nations such as The Netherlands have also stepped up their efforts to have their U.S.-confiscated gold and silver returned to them.

How Much Gold And Silver is Really in Fort Knox?

Fort Knox has historically been the location of one of the largest gold and silver stockpiles in the developed world, but the exact amount is a topic of speculation. Beginning in 1971, then-U.S. President Richard Nixon enacted a policy to temporarily stop redeeming gold for dollars and instead to keep printing larger and larger amounts of non-gold-backed paper money. The practice is still in place, and it’s thought to have decreased the amount of gold in Fort Knox. Some analysts point to many instances when U.S. gold has been leased or sold to other nations to prevent the U.S. from defaulting on its debts. An audit of Fort Knox’s current gold reserves would provide a definite number, but the U.S. Congress has repeatedly blocked efforts for this audit to take place.

Why Congress Won’t Agree to an Audit of the Federal Reserve

Congress won’t agree to this type of sweeping audit because a number of these key lawmakers have political motivations for keeping the Fed operating without audits. An important goal of Congress members is to vote along their party lines, and the current majority has voted against auditing the Federal Reserve. Reelection is also a higher priority for members of Congress than the moving forward with this action that could potentially cause disruptions in the current U.S. financial system. Extra caution concerning the health of the U.S. economy is an additional factor in the lack of audits of the Federal Reserve.

Devaluation of the U.S. Dollar and the Death of the Petrodollar

The declining value of the U.S. dollar is one of the most often cited reasons for both individual citizens and national governments buying up higher amounts of gold and silver. The average gold price per ounce has increased as the value of the dollar has decreased, and this trend is common during recessions and other periods of economic instability. Along with spikes in gold prices today, the petrodollar system is also declining. This system has traditionally used the U.S. dollar as the preferred currency to exchange for barrels of oil.

Gold and silver are considered excellent investments to add to an existing retirement portfolio, and these precious metals have been shown to resist fluctuations in the values of the dollar. To get started with your free gold kit, contact us today.

Understand How The Goldpricegraph Promoting Regal Gold Assets Works

To make investments one should be able to understand the market factors that affect the price of various commodities and share prices in the market. This gem is one that has had an allure of its own and this is one that almost everyone accepts as standard. The price graph is one that shows you the price of gold against various indices. To make the Goldpricegraph promoting Regal Gold Assets will work for you when start with a good investment plan.

The market deals with a multitude of trade items. There are shares and stocks, currencies, real estate, savings accounts, mutual funds and importantly gold. Each investor compiles a portfolio consisting of a mix of stocks, shares and currencies that they are interested in at the moment.

Currencies depend on the amount of gold that the government is keeping as surety in the bank. They could get devalued, affected by the policies of the government and is to a large extent dependent on the policies of the banks and national institutions that get a say in the matter of government policies.

Stocks and shares can be predicted to large extent but there are times when the prediction could go wrong. This takes place when something unexpected happens like the war, mergers of large corporations and unexpected policy changes announced by the government. This is the unpredictability that makes it so dangerous.

It is important to know the price of gold-bars in various locations other than the one where one is. One may plot the graph keeping the cost of this important commodity on one axis and the various factors that affect it on the other. These factors are volume of the trade on a daily basis, sensitivity of the market, the values in different countries and amount of investment that is being made the world over.

Some countries like China and nearby India are buying large quantities of this metal. This has caused a rise in the price of the jewelry but nobody is stopping just yet. It seems China is buying the most of it in order to weaken the dollar.

While it is fashionable to trade in currencies, and sometimes very profitably also, the move is seen as something that is transient. This gem is one thing that has a say in almost all the things directly or indirectly. Most of the rich people who have interests in the market have a reasonable amount of money invested in gold-bars.

Real estate is also known to appreciate in value but not to the extent of the yellow metal. The appreciation is put at almost double the amount on an average. Getting the people to trust in a central authority became almost impossible once the big banks started conducting what they termed as bank runs. They would encourage the people to withdraw the money saying that they are going bankrupt.

Making your investment safe with Goldpricegraph promoting Regal Gold Assets and related assets has now been achieved. This is quick, definite and easy to understand. It is also one of the ways people all over the world are achieving the impossible. Security is paramount in matters related to finance and investing.

Using Goldpricegraph Promoting Regal Gold Assets

Using Goldpricegraph Promoting Regal Gold Assets
William Paul

Gold has always been a safe investment. As the economy fluctuates so much, more and more people are turning to it as a safety net. But, making the most of your investment depends on knowing the price at all times and in all situations. Not all prices are the same from place to place and from time to time. This makes it important to use Goldpricegraph promoting Regal Gold Assets and keep abreast of what this precious metal is doing on the market.

Knowing the information depicted on the graph helps to understand and use it to the best advantage. There are three important pieces of information that will be accessible. One is the real time price, what it is in different areas, and at any time of day. Knowing these pieces of information is important when making choices to buy or sell.

Having constant access to this information is beneficial for a number of reasons. You will know what to sell where by knowing the selling price in different areas and will be able get the best buy and sell for the highest as well. Knowing opening and closing prices help to see what the trend is and enables you to know whether to buy or sell at any point. Being aware of prices at different points during the day helps to understand what is going on at any particular point.

You can better understand current prices with the graph, and this will help you be more informed when buying. You can compare prices and make sure you are getting a reasonable price. You can check that the price your are being quoted is reasonable for your area, or if your are being quoted a higher price based on another area’s price.

Regal Assets is well-known and respected all over the world. It has a five-star customer rating, and is considered an industry leader. Many celebrities and prominent businessmen have used their services. They have received an A+ rating with the BBB, which is difficult and is the highest possible.

This company will help to roll over IRA accounts into a precious metals IRA portfolio. Using the graph will enable you to add your input and to understand the decisions being made. Keeping up with the information from this graph will mean you are knowledgeable about all that is happening and can keep a check on your investments.

There is two ways that including precious metals in an IRA portfolio improves performance. One is that is can increase returns with no increase in risk. The other is by reducing risk without and adverse effect on returns. Either way, the investor is ahead of the game by adding precious metals.

Using Goldpricegraph promoting Regal Gold Assets means the person has excellent knowledge of what is happening as well as working with a company they can trust. Knowing what is going on investment-wise means security, as does working with an A+ company with a stellar reputation. There is no reason for an investor to not take care of their money.

What Will You Find On A Gold Price Graph?

There are going to be quite a few different options available to you when you are first looking at a gold price graph.

So you’re obviously going to want to learn about all of the different things that you’ll find on this graph so that you know what you are looking at and so you’ll understand how to read it.

I’m going to explain the different components to you right now.

The first thing you’re obviously going to find on a graph like this is the price of gold.

But you’ll find the price of gold in a few different ways because this particular graph tells you the gold spot price in real time, but it also provides the various prices in different parts of the world.

This is very important because gold trades in different currencies and sells at different prices and you’ll want to know the price in each region in case you happen to be buying from that particular area.

So the areas you’ll be able to get the price of gold are Sydney Australia, London England, New York City and Hong Kong China.

It’s also good to know these different prices because a good arbitrage trader might be able to find an anomaly where they can buy gold at one particular price and end up selling that same gold in a different market for a much higher price.

This happens because of the currency exchange rates and the fact that gold might be selling a lot higher in one area then in another.

I’m not saying you have to trade this way, but seeing the different prices like this gives you that option.

You are also going to be able to see the various spot prices of gold throughout the entire day at all different times.

The graph will show you what time a particular price of gold happens to be at any given time of the day.

This is good to know because it shows you the various fluctuations throughout the day and it might present some really cool trading opportunities.

So this is basically what you’re going to find on a gold price graph.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gold Price Graph?

If you are the kind of person that likes to regularly invest in gold then using a gold price graph is certainly going to be something you do on a regular basis while this part of your life is still happening regularly. So you’re obviously going to want to know the benefits to using a graph like this, and that makes sense since you want to know why you should use all of these different tools at your disposal. So let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits right now.

The first major benefit to using a price graph for gold is that it provides you with all of the different gold prices throughout the world. You can look at a graph like this and immediately pull up the price of gold in New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. This is great because it consolidates all of the different prices happening in real time and makes it very easy and convenient for the avid gold buyer to check the price of gold at any given moment.

Another really cool benefit to you is that you’ll be able to see the closing price of gold during the previous day and you’ll also be able to see the opening price for gold when the new trading day begins. This will give you a good idea of exactly how much activity took place while the market was officially closed and it will show you just how much the price of gold has moved from opening to closing. This will either show you that there is interest in gold since the price went up, or will show you that there was interest in selling gold so the price went down.

The last benefit I would like to mention is time. When you look at a graph like this you’ll be able to see the price of gold at all different times throughout the day. This is cool because it gives you an idea of what’s happening throughout the entire trading day.

So these are the major benefits of having a gold price graph. Please use this graph to your advantage so that you can truly capitalize on some high quality gold investments.

How Do You Use A Gold Price Graph?

If you are just starting out and learning how to properly buy gold for the first time, one of the big things you are probably going to want to learn is how to use a gold price graph. While it’s definitely not mandatory to know this graph inside and out in order to buy gold, it will certainly help you and it will give you the ability to know the price of gold at any given moment.

It’s important to know the current gold price when buying gold coins, gold bars or any other type of gold product that you can think of. The reason why you want to keep this price in mind is because you don’t want to end up getting stuck with some unscrupulous vendor that goes out of their way to try and rip you off. So that is definitely one major benefit to learning how to read this graph correctly.

There are actually four different world gold prices represented on a quality 24-hour gold spot price graph. You’ll be able to get the spot price of gold in New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. So you’re obviously going to want to focus on the price of gold that is most relative to you and your particular living arrangements. Or focus on this price in regards to where you are purchasing your gold.

If you happen to be buying gold online from a reputable broker in the United States of America then you’ll obviously want to focus on the New York spot price of gold. Make sure you are getting up-to-the-minute information so that you’ll know the true value of gold at the current time when you go to make your purchase. This is important because it will keep the vendor honest and it will show you that you are getting gold at a price that is currently worth the exact value in the financial world.

So this is basically how you use a gold price graph if you are looking to buy physical gold from a reputable online vendor. So use this graph to your advantage and double check to make sure that the vendor you are dealing with is being 100% honest with you by not ripping you off.